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Just starting my fish addiction!

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Hey how you going guys

First time keeping fish since I had axolotls about 8 years ago, super excited especially since I found this forum with the help of a workmate!

Just about to get a 6ft tank which I want to stock with freshwater tropicals for first round at least. Just after some suggestions as to what tropicals would mix with a silver shark?

Also would driftwood or cave rocks be a better enviroment for the setup I'm going for? Really looking to have a good colour mix with the silver shark being the main feature when he is bigger (but I'm open to other mixes!).

Cheers guys, hope to hear from you!

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Bala sharks do better in schools and

although they get big they normally

Don't bother smaller fish

Driftwood is a good idea as they nibble

on it plus it will soften the water

Check out black spot barbs

or torpedo barbs both get 6/8 inches

and will go well with sharks and a 6 foot


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hi Eximius , on behalf of the owner and moderation team i'd like to welcome you to the forum, i'm sure you will get plenty of good advice here,

please feel free to ask any questions, and if you need any help feel free to pm any of the admin/mods and we will do the best to help you out,

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