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FS: Breeding Setup(4x3ft tanks+4ft Sump)

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Hey for sale I have my breeding setup which consists of 4 tanks that are 3ft Long x 30cm Wide x 45cm Tall. Comes with a 4ft sump that sits under the tank and sump pump that returns with 2 taps per tank that are all adjustable. Each of the tanks has 2 bulk heads to overflow with flexi pipe into the sump so it is very quite for what it is. Comes with heaps of gutter guard as media. Also comes with a 300watt heater.

PRICE: $400

LOCATION: Rochedale South

PREFERRED CONTACT: Pm me if your interested and I can give you my mobile to sort out the rest.

PICS: Not the best pics as the car is in and there is a storm so I'm not really going to move it atm. If you want other pictures let me know via pm



If you want to know anything else about it then let me know.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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