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EOI: eheim 2226 complete with media

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Hi all, just an eoi on my eheim 2226 cannister filter, paid $300 about a year ago from rpc, chasing CASH ONLY, around the $180 mark. Please pm offers if interested

It comes complete with media it came with efimech and something else i cant remember, no filter pads spray bar and all plumbing included and in perfect working condition just needs a clean, but if i get around what i'm chasing i'll clean it out before sale :)

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WTF ,"clean the filter if you get the right coin".....whats the world coming too should be dam clean and presentable before you advertise it....

ok in a language you may understand,,,, who the f do you think you are ??

dirty rude ppl im so sick of clening up you bad languge and, rude ,inapropriate , un knoligd comments .

infringment isued

sincearly yours liljohn .

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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