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Ahhh Man Fire mouth spawn ...

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Hi All,

So was sitting down watching telly when I noticed the behavior, said to the wifey I bet

they spawn real soon ..

Got up for a ciggy & thought I would take a lil look see ...

This is what I saw



Worst part about it is were they decided to lay right in the back corner of the tank (4x2x2) not that bad you say, well its the same corner that is hard up against the wall :mad:, So got the old coat hanger and airline out and commenced sucky sucky time.

End result is 300-400 lil bubs .....just when I thought I would give up breeding for a while


Anyone up for some Firemouths in a few months lol

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have only just set the above tank up (as you could prolly tell lol) so was not my intention to breed the buggers but ohh well I guess I will raise a few.

I actually have a few pairs in the garage too ...there just chilling eating like pigs

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