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hi all.

just found this site and its wonderful! i'm hoping to find some people living local that share the same passion.. or at least some gold cost people as i travel up there quite often. i'm from lismore NSW. i've lived here all my life (yeah i know...) i have about a dozen tanks setup and breeding a few fishies..

i keep, silver dollars, cory's (breeding), BN common (breeding), purple spotted gudgeons (breeding lots), female peppermint bristle nose, head and tails, glass catfish, cherry shrimp, gold gourami's, blue eyes, yabbies and i may have missed some..

just setting up a 4 foot plant tank and hoping to get some low grade CRS for it.

take care, have fun.


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hi megan , on behalf of the owner and moderation team i'd like to welcome you to the forum, i'm sure you will get plenty of good advice here, you will find a couple members from lismore, and lots from the gold coast,

please feel free to ask any questions, and if you need any help feel free to pm any of the admin/mods and we will do the best to help you out,

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Gday from another fellow lismorian

We seem to be growing in numbers around these parts lol, welcome to the forum and as for me I breed a few americans and a few L's and a mix of other goodies lol. I hope you enjoy the forum and looks like we might have to organise a few cars for the next auction trip.



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