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Will the Real Jack Dempsey please stand up.

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Ok - this may be a bit controversial - but....

When the electric blue dempsey came in everyone stated that the fact that the 1/2 breeds needed to propgate the species would never be offered for sale. They were too valuable for breeders and concern over the purity of the species was overstated.

Recently I have seen numerous adds offering Jack Dempsey carrying the Electric Blue gene.

Seems the truth is that we are now in a situation where we will have all hybrids.

Is anyone doing anything to preserve the true Jack Dempsey in this country? Will the rela jack Dempsey please stand up - please stand up please stand up.......

OK I suck at rap......


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the Blue isnt a hybrid its a recessive gene. hence why you get carriers. Mixing blue gene carriers with non blue gene carriers is no different to any other pair of jd's mating. it used to be a very very uncommon gene which has been selectivly breed to produce the offspring, no different to albino bristlenose or gold severums etc etc.

As more and more people are breeding EBJD's it isnt suprising the gene carriers are being offered for sale. and as they arnt hybrids why worry? even if you have one blue gene carrier in your tank, the chances are oyu would never get a blue ebjd unless you interbreed future generations

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