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My first Oscar

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So I finally have one of the most renowned cichlids of the world.

For some reason they do seem to be that little bit more aware of what is going on outside the tank compared to my other americans.

And are just super tame from day one.

Already this guy is eating from my hand and just seems to paddle up and down begging for food like a dog lol.

They are pretty cool.

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They break tank lids, be careful!

Awesome fish the Oscar is, very intelligent!

haha, yeh iv heard that, going to use egg crate as lids to keep him in. And they cant be smashed!!

How quickly does an Oscar grow? from the 5-8cm mark?

Im expecting this guy to be close to 30cm by years end with heavy feeding and clean water.

How fast they grow depends on those 2 factrors, aswell as tank size of course.

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