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dam emo acro's!!!!!!!!!

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why is it that noone reallly investigates migrating reefs? the number of coral species found further south these days is about double what it was 10 - 15 years ago. it makes sense tho... as water heaps up the corals can inhabit areas previously too cold. all fast growing coral species especially will be able to move away from where the water is warming up and probably most of the slower ones too. the great barrier reef my one day be in jeopardy but the corals are moving down. in the words of jerrasic park.... "Life will find a way"

i also know of acros that exist in permanent pools that are flooded during high tide and warm up past 32 degrees during the day. massive areas of them too.... darwinian evolution. (goniopora sp. can also be found around the same areas...)

Nice little acro there brengun. it'll be twice the size before you know it, the stylophora in the background looks nice and happpy too :)

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