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Filtration for a 6ft 385L tank

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I think the question is how much is your budget..

What donny has suggested is good but if you have none of the above it can still cost you a bit especially if buying brand new.

4x sponge filters = $10-$14 each = $40-$56

air pump - $20-$50 ... be aware that a small double outlet may not be enough as the deaper the sponges go the more air they require. (is ya tank 2ft deep?? )

1x internal filter - $20 - $40

You can Ebay the whole lot if you like it will save you alot of money... but then there's the 3 week wait :(

So your looking at around $150 mark worst case.

There are many cheap canister filters listed on ebay all the time around $60 for 1000lph - 1400lph this may be the best option.

And of course not neglecting our great members here at QLDAF there is our Trading section which you can post in, most of us here have spare gear laying around.

Will have a look when I get home as I should have some sponges etc..

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If your going for display maybe stear away from sponge filters.

An ebay canister would work as well as an internal but the wattage is pretty high compared to the better brands.

I have a fluval u4 brand new internal with warranty and receipt. Great filters and only $80 if you want it.. And maybe get a eheim 2217 from AOA for $199 and you get 10% discount for being a forum member.. So roughly $260 and youve got quality filters with media that will last a long time.

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Or just put a big aqua one cannister on it.......... prob best bang for buck really

the more conveinience and pretty ya want

the more you pay

I like air powered sponge filters.

Infact my main fish room runs on nothing but

and that includes 2 six footers

then again

the other room

runs on fx5's

and, god love them

they are a great lazy mans filter

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Yeah a fair noob, more then likely but I've got a few smaller tanks lying around if I get that itch. I've kept axolotls previously with success but had to get rid of the tank due to a move so I'm looking forward to getting back into it! Do you think the Fluval 405 would do it (as obviously I won't have the full 385L in the tank) as I can get that cheap from work.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the quick replys! I have a Aquanic 1000 although I've been warned that it might not be powerful enough for the whole tank, thoughts? My budget caps out at $200 currently.

Thanks guys!

Then get Otto 450, it's 1800L/H and then run either sponge filter or internal filter with the Otto canister filter. That's would be under $200

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