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My Fish Room.

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Hi All,

Thought i would share some pics of my Fish and Tanks.

The tank photos are a few months old from when i first set it up and the landscaping and stocks has changed a little but you get the idea of the room.

The pics of the fish are from yesterday. Hope you enjoy.

Cheers Lloyd.

My Tanks





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wow man, that ikola tank looks great. Beautiful fish.

And what a fishroom. Great layout of big tanks. That pallet racking seems to be the go.

Thanks Kasman,

Yes the Ikola are awesome. The Ikola tank is a 8ft x 2 ft x 2.5ft in my living room. looks wicked.

pallet racking is great for tank rooms, very easy to put together and is not that expensive.

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8O.... I knew I shouldn't have looked in here, I'm really jealous now!

Your Fronts are stunning! Are you going run a sump on your racks or rely on all those

canisters? Awesome job Lloyd, thanks for sharing the pics!


Thank you. Yes i love the Fronts. So much personality already and i have only had them for a few weeks.

Not running a sump on these racks yet. Each tank has an FX5 running on it and that is plenty to keep them clean.

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