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Australia day, Springbrook Natural bridge.

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Ok guys thought i'd post a few pics of what me and the mrs did on australia day.

Started out we wanted to go fishing so were down the goldcoast but weather got ridiculous and the amount of rain we had made it near impossible to catch anything so we didn't even bother, Instead ended up at hinze damn first, Then the springbrook natural bridge..

Basic things were tweaked through Windows image gallery. Brightness, Contrast, Shadows and highlights..

Hope they turned out alright, Enjoy.





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I live so close! I should go there more. But oh the windy windy roads..

Yeah I had some idiot up my but the whole time as well.. Which was stupid cause all of a sudden there was huge rocks all over the road and little landslides covering half the road and he didnt get the fact I had to slow down all the time..

Cheers for the comments guys.

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