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FS: Garage clean out - massive system

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Hi guys,

This system has served me well over the time, unfortunately I haven't able to spend as much time as originally planned. Needless to say tt's very sad to see this go, but my loss is your gain.

Everything you see here is a part of system, all sumped with poly pipe and as is with everything included. What you see is what you get. It is still running therefore the buyer will have first option to buy the fish. The below measurements include the exact dimensions of the stand.

1. 3 Tier steel stand - 215cm x 170cm x 50cm - $400

- includes with one tank 2m x 33cm x 34cm (top tier)

2. 3 Tier steel stand - 190cm x 155cm x 50cm. Includes with two tanks - SOLD

- 183cm x 44cm x 46cm (top tier)

- 182cm x 48cm x 40cm (middle tier)

3. 3 Tier pine stand - 4ft x 2ft x 162cm - $400

- 2 tanks - 2ft x 1ft x 1ft (top tier)

- 2 tanks - 2ft x 38cm x 22cm (middle tier)

- 4ft x 2ft x 2ft (bottow tier)

4. 6 x 2 x 2 on a wooden stand - $300

5. 2 Tier steel stand - 175cm x 135cm x 72 - $500

- 175cm x 50cm x 72cm (top tier)

- 5ft x 45cm x 59cm, 3 divisions (bottow tier)

6. 2 Tier steel stand - 219cm x 99cm x 72cm - $300

- 6ft x 18" x 2ft

7. 2 Tier steel stand - 219cm x 99cm x 72cm - $200

8. 323cm x 199cm x 72cm - $600

- 3 tanks 5ft x 50cm x 54cm

- 1 tank 5ft x 46cm x 47cm

9. 2 IBC's, tops are cut with bulkheads on the side - $150

10. Sump - 6ft x 20" x 18" with 10,000lph jebao pump and packed with media. $600

11. Lp80 with additional diaphragm - $80

or all for $2500 ono

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