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Ryukins makin the bubbas

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I picked up 2 big great looking males(as posted in an earlier thread)with nice strong red and white colour schemes...these guys have come from some nice ryukin stock...and then added a beautiful calico female ryukin to the mix..and in a few days there first lot of eggs will hatch...i am really looking foward to this as they should be awesome little ryukins...wondering if the strong white and red colour scheme from the boys mixed with the calico(and she has lots of blue and black in her mix) will make some really nice calicos with more white and red in the mix..time will tell..either way should be some high quality ryukins as the parents are top notch....so heres just some pics of the trio...sorry about quality..they werent keen on posing...more so you can see the female...first pics of her....and will get some pics up of the babies...must admit breeding wise...these guys are more fun because the babies are cuter and you dont have to be so hard core on the quality control...as with ranchus...so my top notch % might be 50 instead of 10-15




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