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rapheal breeding

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has anyone ever tried to breed rapheal cat fish ,i have what looks like 3 males and one female she is as fat as

do they lay eggs or which method .she appears to be looking for somehere to go i think i need a large b/n cave or bamboo cave but have not got either can anyone help .or give advise please thanks

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I also found this one...HMMMMMMMMS- How to Breed Talking Catfish | eHow.com

Humbug Catfish (Platydoras armatulus) - Seriously Fish - This ones pretty generic, BUT not that one little sentence- 'Apparently in nature it spawns amongst surface vegetation'

Definitely sounds like breeding them would be hit and miss, at best..

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thanks to all the info i dont think i will hold my breath waiting for them to spawn

Just a dump from previous posts on ovaprim

Hormone injections of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hcG) or Ovaprim, a commercially produced fish spawning aid are used to induce ovulation

link to ordering over net (not sure legalities of this)

Western Chemical - OVAPRIM®

link on using with aussie eel tail cats


FOI Summary Ovaprim

FOI Summary Ovaprim

And a summary on how its done.


The new method reduces the cost of production, increases the supply of seed fish, and is more convenient. Rates of spawning, fertilization, hatching, and survival were significantly higher in research trials than could be achieved with pituitary injections. The hormone and drug can be introduced together, which means that brood fish stock are handled only once, reducing the risk of disease or damage to the fish. This method does not alter the reproductive cycle of the fish, and the fertility and viability of offspring are normal. The solution does not require refrigeration and has a long shelf life. It has been tested on a wide range of fresh, salt, and brackish water species, including carp, bream, salmon, catfish, loach, and others.

and a canadian price, will be a bit different in australia, may have to also add on a vet visit lol

Syndel International Inc. has distributors in several countries. The cost of the kit varies depending on volume, import duties, distribution costs, etc. Syndel will refer enquiries to local distributors. In general, a 10 ml vial costs CA $30 and will spawn, on average, 20 kg of fish. A 100 ml vial costs CA $215 and will spawn about 200 kg of fish.

with clown loaches

see table on 208

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thats pretty darn good results really

( full document here http://tal.ifas.ufl.edu/PDFs/Survey%20of%20Ovaprim%20Use%20as%20Spawning%20Aid%20in%20Ornamental%20Fishes%20in%20the%20US.pdf )

also here is an indonesian paper that may be of interest

Google Translate

this is the only link that has sorta on topic data on it

View topic - platydoras costatus: breeding ? • PlanetCatfish.com

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hi all just an update on the rapheal

the female is in a slate breeding cave the male is behind her and will not let her out not sure if this is right ,my o/s bristlenose is laying eggs as we speak ,bronze corys hatched 2 days ago

everything seems to be happening at the same time isnt fishkeeping a great way to spend your time

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