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wtb 4 x 8 foots and 4x 6 foots

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hey guys looking for some new tanks

looking for 4 8x2x2 and 4 6x2x2 to start a new system

must be good tanks no damage but not display quality is fine but solid with a good seal and not driles yet as i will put them were i wont them

also looking for just tanks no stand needed as ill make my own big racks to put them in

pm me if u have something i may be interested in



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hey jas thanks send us a pic but just after a strait tank no weirs or holes as i plan to build and drill were i need them

and yep tyler its going to be good with a 8 foot sump and a 44 gal bio tower and will have a 6 x2x2 maternity tank next to the sump devide in 2 with 2 overflows feading it and then overflowing into the sump so 5 8 foots and 5 6 foots all up and a the 44gal bio tower :) just a baby setup lol

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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