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Newby to forum...addiction to Aussie Natives growing rapidly....

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Well i was introduced to forum a month or so ago (thanks Assh) and i have to say i am extremely impressed with the quality of advice and the willingness of people to share it with other fish lovers... I wish i knew it existed a long time ago! I have learned a rediculous amount already!

I have a real love for studying Aussie Native Predators especially, and am an avid fisherman of them also...

I am a relaive newby who's tanks have grown in 18months from one inherited 2.5 ftx1x18 tank with goldfish/platy's/ swordtails inhabitants...

To a 6ft x18x18 tank with rescued Barra (but attempted 'introduce a tank mate' incident ruined that relationship after 12 months...oh how much i have learned). Now been replanted and stocked with solid bunch of mixed maturity Rainbows (Doub's, utchee ck, dungal ck, station ck), Empire Gudgeons (some wicked males), Rhads.... plus random Angels and Peppermint bn's.

In next 2 months should have have stocked my super wicked new 5x2x2.5 ft tank w juvie Saratoga, resident sail fin pleco/gibby and hopefully tandanus (open to suggestions for more aussie natives though...!)

Sticking with the Aussie Native Predator Tank theme here... Thus difficult to eat tank mates!

And in next month stock an inherited 4ft tank w juvie super red texas just for the contrast and attitude..

I have recently either built or built in all 3 tank stands so they match the Aussie native theme... See attached photo of one of them...And yes i learned even more during this process....

Now i just have to narrow down the wish list of what i want to do next....breeding/acquascaping/CO2 substrate and grafting plants and catfish...convert to sumps... and work out how to fit it into the 2 bedroom unit that i also happen to live in... you know the drill...

Anyhooser thanks for hearing me ramble and i look fwd to contact with a lot more of you in the near future...

Regards in tanks...Ben




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hey ben..great to meet ya and Im a fan of the Aussie predators too...especially saratogas...which I will one day own...so now I just look on in admiration... :) ha ha it was all good until i read the 2 bedroom unit part..ha ha..must be living in an aquaworld...sure your not the only one doing it! ;)

love the aussie matching stand look too...nice

enjoy the forum....

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HEy Ben, welcome aboard! Love what you have done with the mini orb on your stands, I was planning on doing the exact same thing! Just a quick Q's is the stand a pine stand or steel stand as mine that I have are pine but i'm kind of worried about screwing panels to them while they have tanks full of water sitting on them and then have something bad happen like the wood splitting and the whole stand giving way!!! Don't really want that to happen! Anyways, great looking tanks, enjoy the forum and look forward to hearing your reply! Cheers, Shannon. 8)

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Hey Shanoz! Thanks for that...

All stands are pine studs either 90x45mm ish (6 footer) or 70x30 ish(4 footer) (from memory) but solid as, can take a photo for you of inside if u want.

I made the 4 footer from scratch recently and thus the doors went on before the tank, but the 6 footer stand i made 12 months ago and only just added the doors..

Yes it freaked me a little to be doing it there with half a tonne of water and glass so close (particularly when doing the facia/top strip next to the glass) , but really it was only an issue for upsetting the ever skittish rainbows and gudgeons. Because of the way i made the stands (post on the inside) I had to put another piece of stud to then screw the hinges to...

As long as the stand is sturdy in the first place.... If you're worried you could predrill holes for screws, but I never had a problem.

The doors are just merbau floor board frames with cheap miniorb filling. Fiddly but the result is ok.

If i get the chance in next week or so might chuck some photos up of before and after (don't really have step by step photos)- I didn't know about forum, let alone that i might be posting about the build when i did them....


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Hahaha! ^^^^^^^

Hey Benno do u realise that thats Ben R from school! :D you 2 freaks are into the same thing! glad you joined the forum Ben, i might even have to catch up with u before the next school reunion to get some pep bn fry off u :)

Nice looking fish as well. if u're in a solid concrete floor unit u could always try out a 2 or 3 tiered system when u feel the need to get more tanks and space is of the essence :D

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is that you wilksy?? no way...yeah freakazoid...don't buy any fish stuff and save ur money for that tinny to take me fishing instead...

yes Asssh I'm thinking next is tiered extension...

need grow out tanks for common bn's and cherry chrimp...they're in together trashing the water quality of a DIY CO2 substrate planted 4ft tank (a case of bad timing)...

pep's not breeding yet but hold that thought...

let me kow if either of u are on the coast and pop over for a squiz and a beer...

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