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A Tank Change and I'd like some help please

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I have decided to sell all my African's and sand (believe it or not but the sand is practically sold already)

I have seen a black substrate that has heaps of nutrients. Does anyone know where I can get enough of this to cover the bottom of an 8 x 2 x 2 tank please.

I'm also going to be looking for some plants. Obviously I'll be looking to heavily plant out the 8 footer so I'll be looking for bulk amounts of Val, I also want that wavy val or zig zag val (what ever its called). I want some Hair grass. I've seen a red variety and green so I want both and Bulk as well.

I had a grass in my planted tank a couple of years ago and liked it. Anyone know where I can get some of this too please.

I will be looking for a few Banana Lillies. They're pretty and will look nice in the monster tank.

I bought a plant that doesn't like to be heavily planted into the substrate and sort of thins out at the ends. I'll be looking for some of this too.

I'm looking for plants rather than stems. all help will be much appreciated and I will be more than happy to travel to get quality.

I bought some very nice plants from a shop at Mt Gravatt....Can't remember the name lol but they had heaps of nice tanks. Awesome Marine set up.

As you might well see, money/cash flow is no issue, but I do have to sell my African's before i go ahead with the new change.

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That's not what I had in mind Sarah but I am open to suggestions.

There is this black gravel stuff that I've seen in a very nice display tank at a Northside LFS. The plants look awesome. This black substrate apparently is pretty expensive.

However I have been given the suggestion of using dirt in my planted tank before. It's taking a bit to get my head around to be honest. But when you really think about it, I guess its what a river bed is essentially.

Is there any particular dirt I should use or avoid? Can I just take dirt from my back yard? Or would it be better maybe coming from the river near by?

The Sarah, you say lay black gravel on that? How thick should my dirt be and should I plant before laying the gravel, or can I lay the gravel then plant? I'm just a little concerned that the dirt and gravel will get mixed up.

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I got eco-complete, its black gravel made for plants BUT its about $40-$50 per 10kg bag same with most other brands too. Would cost alot to do a 8' tank.

Best look up some diy substrates. Try looking and asking on aquarium life forum, its a plant dased forum and i think a few people use these over there.

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Thanks Ruzty - I have bought plants from Pet City (the Mt Gravatt store I mentioned ;) ) and was pretty happy with them. There is also an LFS I have bought plants from on the North Side but I just can't get the quantities from the shops.

So if any of the shops who visit here would like to discuss with me a bulk buy, I'm more than willing to talk privately. I'm probably talking about $1000 worth of plants - probably more.

Substrate - Dirt - hmmm Can anyone advise if there is any type of dirt to use or if I can use the dirt in the back yard....There are different types of dirt/soil and I know some has stuff in it that probably won't be appropriate for a tank such as clay soil or maybe that would be ideal......Help please

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