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QLDAF xmas draw major prize tank

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Jules and I have finally got around to pulling our lounge room apart and setting up the tank we won from the xmas lotto draw, we wanted to wait until we had time to change everything around before setting it up to save moving it again, we had an older 5 ft tank and this will now be moved into our fish room, but all our fish and plants have now been moved into the new tank, when we get the other tank set up again we will thin out the fish in this one,

we have some angels, discus, gouramis, clown loaches, mixed corydoras, and a ram in the tank at the moment,

we will be getting more plants soon to add to it, plus lots of changes to the furniture and the fish, but for now its up and running, now we just have to move the 5 fter and try to put our lounge room back together,

also just to say a big thanks to russ and his team for putting on a great night, plus brocksracer and fiik and anybody else involved in the lotto, including everybody who bought tickets and donated prizes,

ok, pics............ not the best, but it will give you an idea............





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Looks like a great tank/system, never been into the all in one tank but seeing it set up like that it look pumped. The fish look happy and settled. -Asking a question here, in my day of keepin discus I thought that angles and discus didn't get on well in the tank.. Can't remember why..

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jules loves the discus, angels, jds, ebjds and sevs, ohh and her multis = shellys

i prefer the geos, and hongi, but i'm really liking the hump heads,

non fishy, jules would love another rainbow lorrikeet,

non fishy, maybe one day get back into a couple snakes,

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