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diy huge fliuid bed fillter

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this is my first attempt at building a fluid bed filter .i decided to build one as the ones you buy are to small to really do a large system .i only use these for purigen as thay give it great water coverage.any way hear is what i did . i got 90mm clear acrylic at 1m long then got 1 end cap and a screw on end cap with sleeve you allso need to get some fittings that fit in the end cap for a in and out bulkheads would be great but there's no room for them so hears what i used




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then you need to drill the end cap and put the fitting threw i used aquarium silicon on all the fitting it might not be pretty but i hate leaks


then glue your end caps on to the tube and let dry for a few days


you also need to add a tube on the in coming water so that it travels to the bottom first then put the hole thing together


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Very nice construction there.

What i need to is where exactly you plumb it into the system.

In the return to the sump or in the fill line.

I noticed you have a tap to regulate flow into it.

Oh and where you got the clear 90 mm pipe from.

Cheers JP

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Someone who will remain nameless did a similar thing and has had me intrigued since, hence I remember this thread well. I think you ripped off his idea...lol


Can you give a comparison between the Boyu, Otto and your DIY one in regards to flow, media holding and performance. It would seem you are the best person to ask..

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shore can. the boyu


and the otto


are all most the same in flow and volume of media .you fit about a cup full of purigen per filter and the flow is very slow about 200l per minute. the one thing the otto has over the boyo is that the fittings are screwed on and the boyu is only push on which i don't trust as you think thay will pop of one night when your a sleep.in saying that the ottos cost about $80 and the boyo about $40 so the choice is up to you. the diy cost me about $110 all up and the difference is incredible i fit 4l of purigen at a flow of 6l a minute. but on a single tank its over kill i would go the smaller units for signal tanks but if you have a large system go the diy ! iv already started a new one that's 2m tall its a monster

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hmmmmm........ its actually wedged into a corner behind a heap of boxes.

so not sure on actual size anymore

probably a metre long and about 18cm diameter at a guess

I half started turning it into a skimmer.

well it skims

but needs to be tweaked

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I dont have marine systems at the moment, so its either a fluidised bead or fluidised sand filter.

well once I change a few things anyway

I do like the bead filters tho from my pond days

so ya I wont be using it for purigen most likely

but for a nuetral bouyancy plastic bead media most likely.

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to all you asking about acrylic tubes check out 372Acrylic.com.au or on ebay 372acrylic. they are based in BNE somewhere. I ordered sheets from them as they had the cheapest prices and the delivery was cheap too. He also makes all different acrylic tanks, fish tank coffee tables and other fish stuff of interest

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Hows this going for ya mate.

Still running a treat.

I need to know how you stop the media flowing out the end.

I made mine shorter so 2 tubes at 500mm high.

But having trouble getting the media to stay put.

I'm also using macropore don't know if that makes a difference.

I'm guessing you left yours at 1m high so the media doesn't flow that high.

If you give me some advice would be great.

If I have to buy another tube i'll use the smaller ones for something else.

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Nice build. I am not sure if purigen or macropore is the best media as these work on adsorption (not absorption) so tumbling would dislodge and reduce the effectiveness but if your getting good results then thats the main thing.

I have been playing with FBF for a while now and some of my larger ones are made from 200L barrels. Others from 400 mm PVC pipe and acrylic tube. Either using sand as a negatively buoyant media or HDPE granules which float.

You can get reliable water tight seals around pvc joins with a simple neoprene or rubber gasket. Either bought off the shelf or home made. You will also get much easier "fluidisation" if you glue a hemispherical dome on the bottom of your tubes. Arcylic glue will bond to PVC quite effectively.

If you want to go bigger but keep costs down, its also very easy to use PVC pipe with a small acrylic viewing space. The acrylic does not need to be very thick and is easy to heat and bend. Or if thats too much effort you can put the viewing hole on flat top end.

Nowadays I prefer an open top FBF for ease of construction and easy monitoring.


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