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Getting out of fish, everything has to go.

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Alright, when I sell the fish outta them, I will have

2 x standard 3ft tanks, 1 with a sponge, the other with an internal. $50 each with heater

2 x standard 2ft tanks, Internals on both. $30 each with heater

2 x 45 x 61 x 45 tanks, Sponge on both, 1 air pump running both though.

stand included $50 each

2 x 1ft tanks, heater with each. $20 each

1 x 1ft setup with inbuilt filter. $20

3 heaters that I don't know if they work or not, all 3 for $5

1 x 2ft light, $15

1 x 3ft light, $30

1 new air pump, never taken outta packet. $7

1 x Cubus complete betta kit, used for about a month. $20

1 x internal powerhead, dunno rate, it moves the water in my 6ft tank around though! $10

Pipes, syphons, nets, tubs, small tanks, chemicals and a few more filters, take all for $30

If I think of anything else, I'll post it up.

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awe mate thats sad to hear, why you selling up?

Need to find some money for a car, and fish are just dying on me atm and I would like to start a fresh maybe next year or later this year.

Hi mate , ever come up brissy way ? Cheers Jamie

Haha, I just did my annual trip up, probably won't be up for a while, no, not until I get my car anyway :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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