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Luke Bartley

frontoza vs other crazy cichlids

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:mad:SPEWIN!! just got a bargain with a fronni plus other cichlids. put them in my tank with the rest of my display fish. come home 5 hrs later. its gone. can't find one bit of him anywhere. lesson learnt. no more slow moveing fish to be put in there. this happened to any one else or any advice?? ps im a beginner at this sport.

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well most of them are all around the 4cm to 7cm mark. all juvies just about. although there are 2 sharks in there at around 10cm. the other fish in there are

4 red empris

4 elec yellows

5 elec blues

1 mangaino

4 commets

4 red top zebs

4 tangerine peacocks

2 ob peacocks

3 eruka red peacocks

2 sharks

4 clown loaches

1 pakastarni loach

1 eel tail cat fish

1 pleco

plus i think there would be about 4 more that i cant remember what they are. its a 500lt tank with vol rocks and hidy holes, obviously not enough does any reckon theres to many in there. theres about 40 maybe all cichlids are around 3cm to 7cm mark.

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