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Newbie! and a few questions!

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Hey all,

Love the forum, has definitely helped my girlfriend and i with our tanks recently! Thanks for everything. :)

Quick question on Bristlenose Pleco's, we have a male (one with heaps of bristles on the top side of his mouth?), and a few females (we think) around the same size. All about 7-10cm in a 200L tank. Thinking of getting a smaller tank to put them in to try breeding them.

Are they about the right size to start breeding? What do you recommend having in the tank (driftwood, cave?)?

Basically... anything else we need to know for a breeding setup?! :-P

We also have a couple of cuckoo's in the same tank, what are the best things and ways to feed these guys to make sure they actually get some food?

We have some venustus, icebergs and peacocks in the tank that love their food...8O

Thanks again guys and girls! :)

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The Bristlenose will be the right size to breed. They just need a little spot to call home so like a breeding log or similar - a little space and privacy does not go a stray. They like it in the dark...lol. Driftwood they would like too.

Feed the Venustus, Icebergs and Peacocks first and then when they have had their fill drop in the Cuckoos food.

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whenever i need to ensure catfish are getting food i simply get out a piece of pvc tubing or similar and drop food down the tube right in front of where i know them to be or an area they frequent. distracting the other fish at the same time also helps...

As for bristlenose.. give em a cave, some driftwood and feed them and they wont stop

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