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New guy here to the Forum

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Hi Guys and Gals,

My name is Paul........ people call me Chunka! lol.

Anyway just introducing myself. I live on the Gold Coast and frequent Brisbane on occasions.

I have 2 x 3 foot tanks and a little one for emergencies, like when fish don't get a long or my tang tank ends up with a million brislenose lol.

I have kept fish all my life and one of my 3 foot tanks I have had going since before I can remember, which is 29 years ago now! it has had many tropical fish in it's time, but after meeting a Tanganyikan Cichlid enthusiast geoff (jeff) one day on the gold coast he inspired me to get some Tangs for it and I will never go back!! they are the best fish I have ever kept. I've gone through a few trying to find the right mix in my tank but I guess sometimes you have to settle that not all will get a long. My favourite are Paracyprichromis nigripinnis followed by my 3 fronnies (not quite sure what type they are, no hump on their heads) and love my shellies also not sure which type they are either lol. unfortunately my big nigripinnis jumped out of the tank about a year ago (i don't know how he got through the gap and out the hood but I guess they can do that) one of his girlfriends got attacked and died 6months ago and most recently killed my last girl when moving my tank (I didn't check right through the rocks and she was hiding in it out of the water for too long, sad) worst thing was that before the boy jumped out they had started to breed. Also my breeding couple of shellies the big boy somehow swam up my filter to hide and couldn't get out (I have learnt to bury the bottom of the filter in the sand now!) So I bought her a new friend but they don't seem to want to mate (maybe are two females, however they do get a long ok.

So I have three fronnies, 2 schellies and 1 recently acquired gold comp in my 3 foot with heaps of rocks and tunnels ect. Don't know if the gold comp will stay in there and I am wanting to get 4 more nigripinnis....... but having a hard time finding them at the moment. If anyone’s has any on the gold coast tweed or Brisbane please let me know.

My other 3 foot tank has guppies and a few sucker type fish, some clown loaches (good to chuck in the Tang tank when snails pop up, which has happened a lot over the last year, I should learn to snail rid plants before I put them in, but apparently they are hard to kill anyway) it's set up with soft water, heaps of plants and wood, but have seriously thought of changing it to a Tang tank too but can't part with some of the suckers that I have had for 8+ years. Hopefully will upgrade to a 4 or 5 foot tank soon and fill it with Tangs. It just sucks when you have to move them, I would have a 10 foot tank by now if I knew I was neer going to move again. 3 Foots are hard enough!

Anyway, that's my fish story history about me thing done. Basically I love Tangs and will be focussing my time in keeping them from now on. I would love to breed a few nigripinnis, fronnies, shellies and even some type of leptosoma. but I'll always be more of a hobbyist then a serious breeder.

I look forward to being active in the forum, even if it is only for getting help!!


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Hi paul/chunka,

On behalf of Members & the Moderation Team welcome to QLDAF.

There are many sections here to explore & many members with alot of knowledge to share.

Please feel free to ask questions & be involved in some of the great discussion's we have here at QLDAF.

I see that you keep Tang species, here at QLDAF we have a dedicated sections to cater for Africans.

African Cichlid Discussion

Also When you have the time please spend a minute to read the following;



We hope you enjoy your time on the forum.


QLDAF Moderation Team.

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Thanks guys,

I'm happy to have so many great fish keeper/breeders to help me. I really love the hobby of keeping fish. It's amazing how you learn something new all the time. Like yesterday I found out that my Fronnies staple diet in the wild is nigripinnis, which may explane where my nigripinnis have been going the last few months........ wasn't an issue when the fronnies were small but they have grown up quick!! my shellies don't really like them either. Might have to get rid of the Fronnies even tho I think they are a great fish but I like a peaceful tank and love nigripinnis so you hae to make choices sometimes or get a new tank !! lol my girlfriend said no way to that for a while.

I'll have a read of the forum rules and trading rules. I also did find the Cichlid forum, that was how I found this site. I was googling africans and came across this great forum. I actually spent the whole night twaling the afrcan session before becoming a member the next day.

Thanks again for the warm welcome.

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