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Full marine system up for grabs

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Up for sale is my pride and joy. Due to moving, I can no longer keep my tank.


Display Tank: Drilled 1m x 600 x 800 (LxDxH). 2 intakes, 1 outtake

Display Lighting: 4ft suspended from ceiling. 4x T5's (2 blue, 2 white), 2x 150w MH, 2x blue LED moonlights.

Stand: Timber with doors. Unstained but i do have the stain to give to buyer

Hood: no hood, open top

Sump: 900x 450x 450 single chamber. sump light

Display Water circulation: 2x 5000lph wave makers

Return pump: 3500lph (WAYYY too powerful but have reduced return flow by adding a T-piece to run water through chiller as well, control valve also used)

Skimmer: AquaWorld

Cooling system: Resun C650

Other support:

TLF phosban reactor with RowaPhos

Denitrator sn400


1x black occy

1x orange occy

1x yellow tang

1x bi-colour damsel

1x lawnmower blenny


1x elegance

1x bubble

1x purple morph

1x orange morph

LR with 30+ purple zoas and another piece with about 20 purple zoas

CUC- Sold pending pickup

All REASONABLE offers accepted. Willing to sell separately (obviously livestock would need to go first). Any q's please ask.

NO shipping offered and pickup is brisbane northside.

For picture and further info please see below link.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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