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Help with Java Moss please

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I put some Java Moss onto some DW ages ago, I used fishing line as this is what I was told to do.

So I wrapped the fishing line around and around and have just left the moss to grow.

So today, I had to do a huge clean out of my tank and I checked out this bit of DW with the moss on it to see how well it had attached by now (it's been about a year since putting it on the DW).

I discovered that, yes it's grown really well but it hasn't attached at all, if it wasn't for the fishing line still being thee, it would all just float off the DW.

I have never had much to do with Java Moss, so I have no clue if this is how it's meant to be or if it is meant to attach itself as it grows.

Could someone give me the heads up on this please?

And also, I'm wanting to trim it and try attach some more to another bit of DW, is there a trick to getting it to attach properly?

While I'm here, could I also ask about attaching Anubias Nana (I'm pretty sure that's what it's called, I'm still trying to get used to plant names).

I have some beautiful pieces that I have been growing in some posts and I now want to put these onto some DW too but not sure what's the best way.

What about Java Fern, is this a plant that grows well on DW or is it better just straight into substrate?

What ways have you guys found best to do all this stuff?

Any help would be appreciated.


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I have found that it has a lot to do with the wood if it's softer and older the moss and aunbias can get there roots in a lot beter than a really hard bit of wood .i tie mine on with fishing line and leave it there the plants will grow over it any way

Hope that helps

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Yer, I thought it might have something to do with the kind of wood I used, it's not new wood and it's very rough but it's not soft as such.

I bought some pieces of DW off a fellow member and I will see what is softer and change it over onto some new wood.

I don't mind the fishing line, I can't see it anymore, I was just thinking I had maybe used the wrong thing cause it hadn't attached. Although it is a PITA to wrap around and try and catch the Java Moss under it in some places, it does an alright job:)

Any more tricks that anybody has, please post them, I need all the help I can get with this new venture of putting plants onto DW. I've got the planting them into pots to get them to grow out thing down pat, it's just this DW thing is new to me:)


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I think part of the problem may be that the moss grows attaches and then dies off? Lots of the problem with planted tanks like when people make little bonsai trees and fancy things like that is that the moss initially attaches but later the parts that attached I.e the oldest moss has now died off and is just kinda resting in place.. Another thing is to try and get hold of some other types like flame or Christmas or one of the bazillions of types.. Java is the most readily available but not nescesarily the prettiest or the best for attaching to things it likes to grow stringyer than most others. City farmers at browns plains sells a moss can't remember the name? But it is far more lush and green than java and the same price! Around $6 or so a bag.. It has attached to wood and rocks for me no problems.


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the easiest way to get any plant or moss to attach itself to any piece of dw or rock is to give it no choice. driftwood is easier in this sense as its absorbent to a degree. if the java fern can only mainly get water and nutrients from the log or rock, it's going to attach and hold on for dear life. humidity/mist tent is the ideal way to get them to attach but obviously little to noone has one of those just laying around the back yard.

i just use a slow flowing powerhead to trickle water over the piece of dw (out of the water) topped with relatively thin spread of moss(attached with sewing cotton or fishing line) so light gets to the bottom. keeping it fairly moist but not washing it away + light +nutrients (i.e flourish) = attached java moss

as far as attaching anubias of any species, i just use cotton and attach it to the log eventually it attaches alll by itself. have attached on once in 3 weeks or so but usually takes 6 - 12 weeks based on the tank and root growth to firmly attach. (again humidity/mist tent way to go if you can find or make one)

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Thanks again everyone for your help, much appreciated:)

lennox, I like your idea of the powerhead but sadly I haven't got the set up anywhere to do this. The tank that all these plants are growing in is my cheery shrmp and BN tank and I find that the waste from the cherry shrimp turns the water to gold and my plants grow really well and any plants that I pour the shrimp water onto in my garden, grow like crazy now or flower like never before but cause of the shrimp, I was told I can't use flourish but the plants seem to grow too well anyway. It's just they aren't attaching to the DW like I had hoped.

I've re-done some of them since my last post, so fingers crossed.

If you guys don't mind another question, can I ask about the Java fern?

It's not the most attractive plant I will admit but hubby bought it and it's now growing too well in my shrimp tank, can this attache to DW too or is it more of a substrate plant?

I noticed the root system and how it's growing is similar to the Anubias and it's growing out like a stem with the roots coming down and was wondering if they would attach ok to DW but they are really thin and hairy and thinking they would just break off once I try and wrap line around them.

has anybody ever attached Java fern to DW before?

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