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11 inch mantis shrimp!!!!

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Hi all.

A couple of us from the aandtsociety had a day off today and decided to have a snorkel.

Little did I know that I was going to be apart of a horror movie.

I was just going backwards and forwards from the bottom in around twenty eight feet of water in an area where I would normally find a sea horse or two on the sponges there, but instead I found a massive mantis shrimp digging for something (maybe a crab).

I took a short film of it and before I could get ready to take a better one it came up at me as I had gotten a bit to close, so I swam up and it turned back so I got the blunt edge of the knife quickly under it to carefully coax it up to the shallows and it got one jab in through my glove before I let it go , which was fair enough considering what I was making it do.

The second short film is of swimming with a mantis shrimp (that I assume is a rarity) as it tries for another spiking.

http://s678.photobucket.com/albums/vv14 ... cs/mantis/

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