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Taeniatus - Hints please

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I am having no luck in getting my pair of Pelvicachromis Taeniatus to spawn.

They both display to one another regularly.

The male has removed the females tail twice but it has now regrown.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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I love taeniatus....and have breed them a few times.....if they are displaying to each other that is a Good sign

They are a soft water fish.....so try adding rainwater to their tank.....ie I'd do a 20% water change using 100% rainwater and repeat over 3 weeks then use 50/50 rainwater /treated tap water after that....Don't use 100% rainwater for the whole tank as this is too soft and you risk a ph crash

Provide a fine substrate....1mm as they Love to filter it through their gills

I like to include some veg in their diet....Spirulina as well as live food(black/white/grindal worms or mossie larva)

Provide a cave for them to spawn in.....hiding places for female is a Good idea

What locality are they?.....I'm looking for a male (moliwe)

Where did you get them from?

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I have had the male for 18 months.

He killed his first partner.

I bought two more females about 6 months ago.

One female killed the other.

They were purchased through Clayfield Aquarium who sourced them from Melbourne (if I remember correctly).

I don't know which variety they are.

The picture is washed out but gives a look at their tank, their size and shape.

p><p>This blurry photo gives a better id

http://i689.photobucket.com/albums/vv260/killi4me/Pic2.jpg' alt='Pic2.jpg'>

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