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FS: Custom built 2ft tank with built in sump/filter

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For sale:

Custom built 2ftx15x15 tank with built in sump/filter to rear

5mm glass display quality, no scratches or cracks

3 glass sliding lids

3 separate chambers:

1st chamber - sump/filter 2ftx10cmx15

2nd & 3rd chamber to hold fish - 29.5cmx26.5cmx15in each chamber

All chambers have glass dividers unremovable, rear divider has black perspex as seen it pic

Sump/filter comes black fine sponge, large bag of noodles, 200w Resun heater & bag of purigen

How it works - 2 front chambers has 2 holes in each section, 1 top and 1 bottom, bottom one draws in water through sponge through white PVC pipe which has a large air stone inside and pumps water back out from top hole, keeps water crystal clear!

Please note the following is not included in the sale - Air pump, light & white timber stand.

Price for custom tank only which includes all items in rear sump/filter- $70

In pic there is a 2ftx1ftx15in tank at the bottom, good condition, no scratches or cracks, has 2 lids, plastic corner strip has come off think i still have it, price $30 or will swap for a 2ftx15x15 display quality tank with lids.

Pick up only




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Custom built tank - Sold and picked up, thanks again trev, always a pleasure doing business with you.

2ftx1ftx15in tank still here, happy to sell or trade for 2ftx15x15 tank with lids but must be display condition.


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