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hi all from brizzy

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hi just got into aquariums scene about a year ago. started with americans and africans cichlids and have become really interested in australian natives. would really like to move into the breeding side of things so any advice on breeding australian native would be awesome, at the moment i have some australian bass and murray cods. Cheers greg :o

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I think most australian natives need salt water to breed which will most likely be a problem. Bass go to the ocean to breed, same as barra, Not sure about murray cod or the other australian natives. Some of the smaller fellas might breed like rainbows or gudeons, I think tandanus catfish breed in freshwater as well. Best would be to see if you could breed saratoga, they hate being together and need a massive tank/pond/dam to breed but they do readily breed in captivity if they survive each other, good luck striping eggs from them lol they are a mouthbrooder.

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