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Bentonite clay?!?!?!?!

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I remember reading some time back how bentonite clay is an awesome additive to ponds and is used by koi farms etc....I grabbed a little bag of it off ebay and well want to know if anyone here has used it before....seems to add alot of minerals etc to the water that fish rarely see out of the wild...aids digestion and brings colours out too....sounds like it would be good for most fish(dont quote me! ;))....any thoughts????

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love it

pretty much the silver bullet for goldfish mate

perfect for sealing ponds

clarifying water

detoxing goldfish

clearing digestive tracts

AND triggering spawns

very cool stuff

theres 2 main types of it

one will buffer KH and GH

and one will raise GH only

cost depends how you buy it

agricultural grade is a few $ per ton

human grade about $30 a kg

fish grade about $20 per 0.1kg

but yea pretty cool stuff to have on hand.

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