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Sump for sale or swap (GOne SoLd) ThAnk yOu

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I juss picked up a real nice sump it measures 4x18x18, but to my stupid suprise i have measured incorrectly where it was going to go in my room and am out by about 2 inches (Would ya Bleep Bllep Bllep believe it) :cry:

I am looking to seel this one (Can supply pics) and or swap it for something slightly smaller say 3x18x18? 3.5x18x18??

Let me know

I suck, i am sad, i like green eggs and ham, yes i like them sam i am! sorry that is my fav book it rocks 8O:roll:





Paid: $180.00 want that back or will swap for smaller, nothing under 3ft

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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