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Noob...my black shark's gone gray

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Hi people

So I'm a noob...this then would be the place to start for me. I was told of this forum by an interesting fellow from a pet store on the south side.

I bought a new 4 foot tank a few weeks ago to move my growing fish out of a 60 liter tank.

After preparing my new tank and letting it sit there for a week, I moved the fish over. It all went smoothly, except for the black shark. Who at 7 cm, thought it would be a good idea to jump out the jug I was using. He bounced around for a second before falling off the bench and onto the floor. We quickly retrieved him and put him straight into the new tank. I had intended to introduce him gradually, but after he fell I figured the most important thing was to get him straight back into water. He was understandably quite stressed and hid for several days. During this time he lost a lot of color, turning from black to a light grey. He is now happily swimming around the tank, is eating properly, no longer hiding and bullying everyone around him, however he is yet to regain his color.

My question is what should I call him? LOL just kidding....

Does anyone know if he'll regain his color and what can I do to help the process of his recovery?

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Hey mate it is always a good idea to dose your fish with a stress coat especialy if they have come in contact with ground (escaped) It is a good idea to does the tank with stress coat and then do weekly WC (Water Changes) up to 30% and making sure water is tested before adding to your tank (this can be done with bucket or watering can). What has most likely happened is the shark is stressed mate and just keep an eye on him.



Welcome aboard

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Hi sejnt,

On behalf of Members & the Moderation Team welcome to QLDAF.

There are many sections here to explore & many members with alot of knowledge to share.

Please feel free to ask questions & be involved in some of the great discussion's we have here at QLDAF.

Also When you have the time please spend a minute to read the following;



We hope you enjoy your time on the forum.


QLDAF Moderation Team

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Hi senjt and welcome to the forum. If the tank had only cycled for a week before adding the fish it may not yet be fully cycled. This adds stress to an already stressed fish. Probably not a bad idea to increase the water changes to say 2 or 3 a week and small ones like 20% for a couple of weeks until the tank is properly run in.

If in doubt you could dose the water daily with a bit of stresscoat or superchor or prime liquid and see if the fish improves in color.

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Thanks for the great advice. But the shark's still grey. I have been changing the water on a regular basis and have started testing it on a regular basis as well. Ph has been a fairly stable 6.9. Ammonia and nitrites have been 0ppm. Nitrates have been 10-15ppm.

After studying the fish as I do when I get home from work, I reckon it's that it is a community tank with barbs,a silver shark and a pleco, the black shark doesn't get enough quiet time....

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Black sharks are manic creatures that dont know the meaning of quiet time lol

I am sure it will regain its deep black colour soon.

Just takes them a little while to settle into a new environment, dont think the jumping on the ground is definitely the cause of it being grey.

I have seen black sharks incredibly battered before and 2 weeks later just looking total perfection!

VERY tough fish.

What temp is the tank sitting at now?

Oh and yea.......

welcome to the forum man!

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