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Free: 40kg+ black gravel - East Brisbane (near the Gabba)

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WHAT: Black Gravel with white crushed coral/calcium stuff and flecks of brown and white pebbles. I think it raises the PH above normal tap water PH. But I really didn't pay much attention to that. I just wanted to put in normal river gravel so that my loaches developed lighter colors and looked better.

I have washed it all since removing it from my tank, and I soaked it in condies crystals which resulted in LOTS of dead snails. Then I washed it again.

QUANTITY: lots = 40kg or more. 2/3rds of it covered a 6ft tank easily, so it could probably cover an 8ft tank as well

SIZE: small gravel

PRICE: FREE - yes, nothing. I got it free ages ago, so I'm handing it on to some else for free :-)

LOCATION: East Brisbane, near Woollongabba

PREFERRED CONTACT: PM or SMS me on 0404 876 288

CONDITIONS: Pick up only, unless you want to give me some sort of loach(es) in exchange, then I might drive to you. ie, Clown Loach, YoYo loach, Kuhli loach





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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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