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Just thought I would post a "G'Day message".

I had been keeping fish for many years a while ago, including a marine tank (4' x 15" x 18") until I had some sort of worm burrow through the silicone and nearly lost everything (fortunately found a store that was happy to take the lot for me).

The tank had been sitting there for a few years, never wanting to sell it knowing full well that some day I wanted to set it back up for African Cichlids. For Christmas last year I bought my wife an iBox Skimz Nano from Age of Aquariums since she always wanted a Clown Fish again, but we both didn't want the big tank set up as saltwater again.

After getting the iBox set up the aquarium bug bit and I decided the 4 footer needed to be set up again!!! So I grabbed the silicone, a blade and set about repairing the damage. After leaving it to cure for a few weeks, getting the Hydor Prime 30 and a couple bags of CaribSea (2x Cichlid Sand and 1x Zach Black) from AoA; I filled it with water and kicked off the cycle.

I have since added a bit over 20kg of Texas Holy Rock thanks to the guys/gals at Pet City (sorry Ben @ AoA, they had it in stock and is fairly easy to get there for me).

As far as the cycle goes, the Ammonia has dropped to 0, and the Nitrite is currently steady around 2-5. So I hope I should be able to add fish within the next week or two.

I spoke to some of the guys at Pet City yesterday who recommended I come on here - I am stuffed if I remember what you said you post here as. But either way, I am sure you will come out of the woodwork (oh, and yes, I may be interested in trading IT Tech favours for Cichlids... The "No I will not fix your computer" shirt is more of a joke since I work in a computer store).


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Hi cha05cat,

On behalf of Members & the Moderation Team welcome to QLDAF.

There are many sections here to explore & many members with alot of knowledge to share.

Please feel free to ask questions & be involved in some of the great discussion's we have here at QLDAF.

I see from your tank set up that your interested in african cichlids, here at QLDAF we have a dedicated section to cater for Africans.

African Cichlid Discussion

Also When you have the time please spend a minute to read the following;



We hope you enjoy your time on the forum.


QLDAF Moderation Team.

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Thanks. Have had a brief read, but will check them out.

I will probably get a bit into the photography side of things as I have a Canon 500D with the Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4 Macro Lens.

Am as keen as mustard to get fish into the tank, but I will wait until the Nitrites drop to 0.

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