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Northside lfs

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smiths and dont bother going anywhere else,

nothing compares on the northside

Don't think so mate!!! Have you ever been to others aquarium shops in Southside? some LFS in southside much better mate but do recommended 2 in Northside: 1st. Aquarama...Stafford Road 2nd. Smiths aquarium in Boondall

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To be completely honest and not taking price into consideration:

Smiths do have probably the biggest range on the Northside.

I'm not sure what atlas are like now since they changed owners but used to be good - plenty of choice.

Now don't forget the Aquarium shop on park Rd Eagle Junction/Wooloowin.

There is also Aquariums R Us (Wooloowin I think)

Aquarama have more guppies and endlers than you can poke a stick at but not a huge amount of anything else.

The other Pet shop (Sorry I forget the name and go there myself) has a good range of fish but limited however if you know what you want they can get it in for you.

There is also an Aquarium shop on Gympie Rd Strathpine. Since finding other LFS its not a place I tend to revisit but you might find what you're looking for there.

Pet Barn is everywhere and occasionally can have some good fish and if you're a member you can get discounts from time to time.

I do have to admit there are LFS I prefer to revisit on the Southside such as Pet City. I personally feel its well worth the drive

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I agree smiths have a very good range, but the price is steep.

Aquarama as stated the service is sh*t house but have quite a range.

aswell as a decent saltwater variety.

But nothing beats this forums price and variety ^.^ just have to be patient or

Place a WTB add ^.^

Good luck, :)

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i said northside,

honestly i dont rate aquarama that highly, basic range of fish, everytime i go there its near impossible to get service,

Southside has all the good LFS - petcity, fishchicks

Exotic fish connection, Redland Pet Center, Pet City and Red Dragon in Darra

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