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american setup help

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ok guys this is what i have in my 6x2x2. 1 X 6" GT, 3X 2" firemouth, 2x red hump geos (m/f), 1x 3" GT, 1X 2 1/2"zz flowerhorn, 2x 1" festaes (i only expect one to live) and 6 barbs.

i did have a full grown salvini but i made a mistake by putting him in a tank on his own. then i put him back into the 6'. he turned so aggressive. so i swapped him for the zz and a little salvini which im still yet to collect.

ok, so heres the question

im buying a 4x2x2 this weekend and was wondering what should be moved to it.

im thinking the 3" gt, all firemouths, and barbs also the geos.

the 6' will house the 6" GT, ZZ f/h, festaes and the little salvini. i may buy more dithers to help curb aggression. but while they are small things should stay calm for a bit.

i know the festae will grow to own the tank in time but by then i'll have another tank.

please let me know your thoughts and what you would do.


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I think your plan is quite good. There is quite a mix of fish and personalities in there.

I am a little unsure about how the flowerhorn will behave. I would keep a careful eye on him for whether he is being bullied or not.

Cichlids tend to sort themselves out in terms of social order. Any time you disrupt that by adding or subtracting fish you can have dramas. Moving rocks can help reduce problems...but no guarantee.

Green Terrors are really Terrors by name only - relatively gentle for a cichlid. Again they might find themselves on the outer living with nutcases like festae and salvini.

You have some fish there that will get big fast – you might find yourself needing tank space sooner rather than later…..

Interested to hear others thoughts

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yes i agree about the GT. i have owned plenty and never once have they been a problem to deal with. the ZZ f/h was getting singled out by the smaller GT but things have calmed quite a bit in 2 days.

would you also suggest about moving the 6" GT to the 4' aswell? and maybe getting a more suited cichlid to take his place in the 6'?? something like a texas?

thanks for the reply

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