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FS 12/14cm male flowerhorn

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Type of fish/goods:- Flowerhorn

Sex(if known):- Male

Size/Rating:- 12-14cm somewhere there...

Breeding:- he wishes...

Qty:- 1

Price:- $25

Location:- slacks Creek

Shipping Y/N:- dont have a boat

Contact:- pm here or phone after hours -0424263861

Comments:- changes color like a chameleon- light blue, yellow, orange, red.. he can't make up his mind...

Photos:- poor quality photos soz...I'll add more later if he behaves..



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Lol Finn,

He is just no where near big enough to suit my bigger girl.... figure i'll sell him before she does some real damage to him...

silly bugger freaked out when I put a divider in the tank and put a little scratch on his face (cleaned up the thermometer, heater and tank lid) did more damage to himself in 5 seconds than the female has done in a week ><

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Cheers Jester,

is it possible those lines are permanent? He has been separated for a few days and should be stress free (?) but he still has them....

I might mess with the divider and see if I can make him less stressed.

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I'm not sure to be honest, some of the other guys here could answer that better than I....

He holds his own against my female (about 25cm) but he is trying to throw a fin over... not sure how they go with other males etc...

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He will be fine Shanoz :D, I have a 5-6cm FH and a 9cm Salvini in with my 28cm Jag, But I will say my Jag is a fair wimp, He is still the boss of the tank but with all small fish and a 20cm Oscar it isn't surprising I guess. Id maybe just be worried about the FH getting into the JD's or GT, Go for it mate and if it don't work out Ill buy him from ya. lmao :D

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Yeah right, In my tank (6x18x2) I got a pair of Jag's M 30cm+ and F 25cm, Pair of JD's Split Male 20cm+ F 16cm, Grenn Terror M 16cm+ and a 30cm + Sailfin Pleco. Hopefully someone will give us an answer!?!?!

I would be a bit worried, it all depends on the individual fish, one of your males might have a 'thing' against him, in which case they will beat him a bit.

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