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4 x 2 x 2 Tank, Pine Hood and Stand + Other stuff

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Hi all getting rid of all my fish at home due to working with them everyday and just wanting to be able to relax when I get home of an afternoon.

4 x 2 x 2 tank stand and hood $380 (display quality)

3 foot double tube aqua nova light $90

Large piece of texas holey rock (approx 8 - 12kgs) $50 O.N.O

Other Range of rocks approx 10 pieces $25

20kg of white pebbles $15

2 foot cube been drilled $20

2 Heaters 150 Watt $20

Double output air pump with two sponge filters $30

Biomax 5 Cube Tank with hang on filter $30

All other accessories ranging from prime, sera flora, african attack aquamunch, 4 different sized nets, etc $30

Will sell everything above for $650 O.N.O Or at the individual amounts.

Also have a Nautilus 1400 Near brand new. Only been used for 2 months approx. Sell for $150 O.N.O (Not included in the total price)

Total Price including Nautilus $750 firm.

See my breeding colony thread for the fish Im selling. As Well as my frontosa that are for sale. Thanks Kris.

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