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Fs: Tang poster

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FS Tang Poster - professionally printed, locally produced, an oldie but a goodie

SPECIES: 20 favourite tangs on the 1 poster - featherfins, Cyps, gobies, a shelly, a sifter

QUANTITY: some left overs from a previous project

SIZE: A2 (590mm x 420mm)

PRICE: $10 (add $5 if posting - Aus wide)

LOCATION: Mansfield


CONDITIONS: can meet or post in a mail tube

PICS: see below :cool:


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Lol yeah add it to my poster collection in the fish room

Can't go pass GOOD FISH PORN. Have to start calling you 'Eric' - Shon ;D

i have this poster and its better then most of the cichlidpress posters i have seen!

Thanks mate, I gave him one when he first came out on tour. Also the Ad-man has the luxury of taking shots of wild fish with a $30G outfit, but I think the Trophs and Featherfin ones were done on film (as were mine). He's scheduled in for early next year to re-visit and launch his new book. So mark it on your calender.

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Yep sounds like a plan Shon. I suggested this idea as an open invite to the forum last year..... with so many quality shots already digi'd out there just waiting for the right graphic artist to help with the layout and formatting ready for the printers... ... and we wonder why the money goes out of the country.... (German imports excluded of course ;)) Support a local product

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