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3ft tank, stand and hood and light Full set up with beautiful fish

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Hi.. Sadly I have to let my whole tank go as I cannot work still and my son needs braces so i just cannot afford any extra strain on layouts of monies... So I have

3 ft tank with stained stand and lid, Heater, Double globe 3ft Light

External Aqua one filter 1000 still under warranty with great media and matrix in it, airrater, Orca frozen worms, spectrum flakes, discus flakes,

Prime, Stability, Neutral Regulater, 2 x Purigen, Discus Trace, and range of Waterlife medications. + more

2 Blue Ram 1 m 1 female .. recently laid eggs but loaches got them

2 x Albino Cory Dory .. about to lay again

2 x Panda Cory

2 x Black and silver Cory

3 x Clown Loaches

3 x White tipped ornate

1 x Royal Gala Whiptail

1 x Long Nose Whiptail

1 x normal Whiptail

1 x Special L134 Catfish i paid $110 for

1 x beautiful Albino Long Fin B/N have had for 8 months beautiful long fins and tail

5 x Black Neons

There are 3 Pieces of wood with plants , 2 awesome caves with holes and plants, 1 long cave with a hole in top as well as each end and a cave with an opening that the loaches love.

The wood and caves alone cost me $160, There is over $400 that i paid in the fish and that is when they were smaller, the tank is only 6 months old and made by Michael at Aquarium & Petland no scratches or marks. Stained stand and Hood. The external Filter has great media and cost a bit to set up as well.

I dont know how to upload photos but if you pm me i will email them to you unless someone can tell me how to do it.

Very very sad .. but i have no choice .. they have helped me while i was very sick last year and were my saving grace and a large part of my healing. They are all really friendly and there are no fights in the tank it is a very peaceful living community.:esad::esad: To a loving home only please

Pick up only ...

if anyone can tell me how to upload the photos i would really appreciate it .... thanks

$450 the lot

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SO wonderful .. a young couple came to look at two of my fish and loved the tank and community so much they took them all .. so they have a wonderful new couple to look after them and are all together and in their own home... i couldnt have wished for anything happier. they sat at my place and just watched them for half an hour so i know they are going to people who will love them as much as me .... very very happy ending :-)

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