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stepdad is breeding discus tips?

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my stepdad has a tank 4ft L 21"W and 2ft high with 5 discus, a honey gourami and some rosy reds and neon tetras a catfish and a albino bn in it and a set of the discus paired up and laid eggs a fair few times.

he moved the laying pair into a 3ftx15"wx18"H tank with the rock they were breeding on and since theyve been in the new tank they havent done the dance

temp on 4ft 30C temp on 3ft 30C

the water for the 3ft we siphoned out of the 4ft into the 3ft(they were laying in this water so we figured itd be easiest to keep it and add more water to the 4ft)

ph 6.7/6.8

any suggestions on why there not doing the dance in the 3ft tank?

hints and tips how to get them do it would be greatly appreciated too :) thanks

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