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SE Asian Community 8x2x2

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Here's a 30 sec video of my 8x2x2 re-scape. Artificial plants have been removed. The main feature is the big piece of driftwood I've been soaking for many weeks. Now every Anubias plant I own is in this tank.

Tank and Cabinet: by G Maher, new in Feb 2009

Substrate: Mary River sand and assorted river pebbles

Lighting: Single T8 36W 4ft tube in 5600K "cool white" timed @ 9hrs per day, DIY hood (wood frame, corflute shield)

Background: "Basalt Roll" commercial latex

Filtration: 2 x Eheim 2260 canisters

Fauna: SE Asian Community of 30 x Tiger Barbs + 11 x Giant Danios + 1 x Rainbow Shark

Flora: Various Anubias spp. (I know they are African, but it took ages for me to grow them so they are staying!)

ARGH I am so unco when it comes to computers... sorry everyone for my lameness :)

Updated March video is in post # 11 (Page 2)

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Thanks guys and girls. I am really happy with the way it looks, but it is not the final plan for this tank. I will hopefully be changing the scape in a month or so... I have a nice piece of driftwood soaking in a tub outside (but it is too big to fully submerge in the tub I have) and it is weighed down with bricks to try and water-log it and help leach out any nasties.

I appreciate the kind words :)

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Nice work Nige, BTW what happen ta your big Jag an did ya have a couple other Americans ??


Hi Brendan, yep I sold off all the Yanks a fair while back. Went back to natives in a few different variations and then for quite a while had just a coal grunter by himself cruising the big tank. (Low maintenance is best for me with my work schedule keeping me away for half the time). My wife, despite not being a fishy person, started hinting it was a bit boring with just one fish in a big swimming pool. I sold him and went with the current livestock list, which ensures the tank is always busy with fast movement and activity. Keeps both of us happy :)

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awesome tank mate, where did you get your background?

This background is a commercial latex model which is known as "Basalt Roll". It is only about 15mm thick, so doesn't take up any real room in the tank. I got it from Aquariums R Us in Brisbane. This stuff is not cheap, and I actually got it just before another price rise. It cost me $280 at the time. *shudder*

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