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FS - COMPLETE 3FT x 18 x 15 + CUSTOM built/stained hood + stand + Aquis 1200 + MORE

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I have a complete, full set up to sell as is, with or without fish. Includes:

This set up is valued at well over $1000, selling the lot w/ fish for $450, w/o fish for $350 ono.

Haven't priced individual items as I'm hoping to get the whole set gone.

Pickup or reasonable distance delivery for an extra $20 from Fairfield (5km from CBD, Brisbane).

The fish in the tank have an excellent dynamic. They are outlined below. I have a harmonious group of African cichlids, american cichlids, american catfish, and even a turtle (who isn't for sale).


  • 3ft x 15" x 18" tank - 1 year old - display quality, not a scratch
  • 2ft T8 light fitting + globe
  • Custom designed hood + stand w/ Batman handle design (SEE PHOTO) - 1 year old
  • AquaOne Aquis 1200 cannister filter - 1.5 years old, plenty of media, works beautifully, more than keeps the tank clean
  • Substrate - 20kg crushed obsidian (often referred to as Tahitian Moonstone) - very hard to come by, difficult to find in Brisbane - had to go to Gold Coast to get the last bag of it! Black with silvery shine throughout, truly makes the tank look great.
  • 100w AquaOne heater
  • Array of decorative rocks, lots of plants, backdrops
  • Airpump + airstones and airtube
  • Various water conditioners (prime, natural salt, dechlorinators, etc)


  • 1x Labidochromis "Hongi" - (boss of the tank)
  • 1x Tropheus Moori
  • 1x Tropheus Ilangi
  • 1x Labidochromis Chismulae
  • 2x Hemichromis lifalili - "Red Forest Jewel" (stunning and fully sexually matured male & female pair)
  • 1x Afra Cobwe
  • 1x Amatitlania nigrofasciata - "American zebra/convict cichlid"
  • 1x Kryptopterus minor - "American phantom glass/ghost catfish"
  • 1x Peacock-like-cichlid, yet to identify species
  • 1x Hypostomus plecostomus - "American pleco/sucker catfish"
  • 1x Synodontis Multipunctatus - "Cuckoo catfish"

FOR THE LOT - $450


*NB: The moonlight LEDs are not included in my list - that light fitting is worth $220 alone.


Email or phone me if you want to discuss directly:

E: sc.gleeson@gmail.com

M: 0415 031 215





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