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odins fish

FS 3 tier 4x18x18 setup and 8x2x2

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hi guys am sellin these due to moving soon and will be rearanging the room , first is a 3 tier setup

3x . 4x18x18 tanks on 3 tier 50x50 box gal stand (made by wayne)

top tank is drilled for 25mm bulk head , bottom 2 are not

stand has not been painted has some minor surface rust but a brush and a coat or 2 of rust gaurd will be like new :)

also included will be a 2x15x15 sump (some jap map and black mat) has a universal joint (i think thats what they are called ? a spinny thing lol) attatch to srapy bar on lid of sump , calcium carb for 1 tank , and mayb a powerhead or 2 (not for running sump) and few bits and pieces of pipeing (valves etc) ..

looking for $350 ono. pm for more info or call if u have the number:)

also will be selling an 8x2x2 on metal stand comes with 2200lph canister (mayb a 2500lph not sure will have to cheack when i can get to it) has a few lids and bit and peices glass has minimal scratches so could be used for display , only sellin as im not keen on movin it lol ..

lookin for $500 ono ...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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