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How many is too many?

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Hey guys :)

I want to add a little school of Zebra Danios to my tank for top swimmers.

But I'm worried about overstocking the tank. Not sure on the rule for small fish like these..

It's a four foot tank (270 litres)

1200lph internal filter

1000lph cannister filter

Change 1 bucket a day of water (70 litres per week.. about 25%)

Other fish in the tank are:

4 x Geophagus Tapajos (10 - 12cm)

1 x Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (5cm)

6 x Sterbai Cory's (3 - 4cm)

2 x Peppermint Bristlenose (12cm)

1 x L066 Pleco (5cm)

I know that a most of these fish are not full grown. I'm hoping to keep a pair out of the geos once they get a bit bigger.

I keep my eye on the ebjd, but he's fine in there at the moment. He gets along well with the geos for now.

So will this be ok? And if so, how many should I get?


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I did actually mention that above. It's only while he's small.

I have another full grown ebjd and he's really not that aggressive. They aren't like a normal jd.

I have another tank out back for when he gets bigger.

I'm just talking right now.. But no one seems to have an answer for me..


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the JD is about the only one id watch, tapos are fine with tetras so i dont see danios being any different,

as for the amount of danios to get, i'd be looking around the 15-20 mark, so that they will school together and the numbers will give them a bit more confidence.

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Thank you heaps for your answer Cav :)

I was just a little worried about overstocking..

if your worried about overstocking increase your biomedia/filter size, and increase the amount you change when you do your wc's, and set your filters up so they break the water surface, this increases the area your tank has for oxygen transfer,

as for overstocking, there's nothing wrong with it, many people overstock to reduce aggression, if you do frequent water changes and everyone is co existing happily i dont see the issue, this is probably cause my 8ft is grossly overstocked -10 araguaia, 2 leucos, 5 sevs, 2 angels and 7 rainbow cichlids but i never seem to have any aggro isssues.

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