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Dedicated "Full Tank Shot" Thread

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Dedicated thread for full tank shots of your display aquariums. Always good for inspiration for those looking to rescape or even for those looking for ideas on what to keep in a display setup.



My two Eartheater setups.



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my tanks need a good clean :/

8 foot... now with rainbows n american cichlids ... nothing too big & munchy anymore ;D

heh, checkout my crayfish in the lefthand side cave :D


4 foot... malawi mbunas & cuckoo cats mostly.


4 foot... planted with red resbora henglis & coryadoras


pretty terrible photos too... i think i need to turn only one fishtank light on at a time... there is lots of glare.

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Lovely tank Keith, your Tapajos look like they're glowing.

Had to rework the 5' display after I had a few problems with Driftwood (documented in the Technical/Products section).



Very pleased with it at the moment.

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Lovely centrepiece driftwood there sicklid.

i.e. do you want to sell it mate? or just tell me your address and I'll come over and nick it.

I don't have the room for it :lol: Have just sold off a bunch of large pieces.

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hey thanx for the comment there japes i think :) . As for the driftwood in there thats my pleco tree because there's a few of them in there and they need it doesn't really affect the ph as much because its an 800lt tank i do weekly water changes with salts and buffers and there's about 80kg of coral sand in there so everthing is quite stable and where i want it to be.

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just ignore the ghey patch of algea up the top

this is out planted 6x2x2 with dicsus etc, running a 2.5ft sump and co2

the tank is located at a front door, so can be veiewed from both sides, first is from one side, second pic is from the other side



links incase it doesnt work for people

http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i278/ ... 020785.jpg

http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i278/ ... 0787-1.jpg

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