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I'm with col.....killies in a small tank work

I love African/American Dwarf cichlids/wild bettas....but tanks aren't really big enough for cichlids in long term and I find conditions in which wild bettas sparkle....isn't suitable for plants(very acid soft water)

there are some nice killies about...and in a well planted tank you will find the odd fry will survive

I'd go 2 pair of same species in each tank....let the males spar!

A australe...chocolate

A gardneri...

A striatum...

A bivitatum...

P annulatus...

alternately.....an Asian theme?

3 different varieties of dwarf rasboras/danios...maculatus/brigittae/galaxy

+ Dario dario or Dario hysginon(if you can locate them....but they are about)

+ cherry shrimp

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First: Apisto Hongsloi I or II Pair or Nanochromis anomala Pair setup.

Middle: planted, shrimp, borneo sucker, Rasbora Maculata. Setup in the right tank Maculata can be stunning fish. Haha sorry Jamie :)

last: Maybe a dwarf gourami setup, some Sparklings, Chocolate or Licorice, i have owned all and bred the sparklings, awesome little fish, very underrated.

That's my 2c anyway. I'm gonna be experimenting with the middle tank idea in the next coming weeks.


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