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Catfish Help Please

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Hi All,

Hoping you can help...

I have an Aus Native catfish called a Bernyei Catfish (was written on the tank when I bought it, and have since seen these around named the same thing)...

I am struggling to find any information on this particular catfish. The nearest catfish that I can find is a Salmon Catfish.

Does anyone know if these are the same species? The salmon looks slightly different in body shape but has the same fins, colouring, characteristics...

Thanks for your help,


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Thanks Quasi,

You are correct, I had the wrong spelling...

Very similar to Salmon Cat but only grows half the size - and less toxicity :esup:

Was considering getting rid of it if it was going to get to 60cm LOL, but these guys apparently rarely get to 30cm in Aquarium....

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