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Something Unusual?

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Over the last couple of monthe I have maintained a small number of my cherry shrimp in a small tank on my desk. Amidst the group was one berried female, all was going well until about a week ago when I noticed that the berried female had died during the night, ( she was definitely dead as I took her out of the tank to examine her)I had just retrieved the body when I had a visitor, so I just floated her back in the tank with the intention of removing her later.I forgot all about her until Monday when I remembered to remove her. Her body had gone and on a count i was still one down, so i assumed that the others had disposed of her as they tend to do.

Imagine my shock last night when I noticed two tiny specks on the front glass of my tank,only to discover ( using a magnifying glass) that the specs were in fact midget shrimp fry.

The moss and decoration used in this tank had come from one of my fish tanks with no shrimp in them so i have ruled out the possibility that somehow they came from there and I had not noticed them before. I am in the belief that somehow these two little shrimp have been hatched from the dead berried female. Tonight there is still only the two of them. tomorrow I plan to transfer the lot of them back into the main breeding tank and i hope that these two will have a happy life doing what little shrimp do best.

Has anyone noticed this before with their shrimp?

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