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my benibachi shrimp trip in tokyo 2011 (LOADS OF PICS)

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Ok so finally I got my lazy ass up and uploaded all the photos of my trip to the Benibachi Gallery in Tokyo Japan. It was at the Sunmarine shop near shinozaki Station at the Tokyo metro subway, a 1.5 hour trip from the CBD but well worth it! Enjoy guys oh and if you wanted to know, it is normally 75 yen to the Aussie dollar

Tokyo Sunmarine shop


Mega sick moss on driftwood and other plants




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Amazing blacks




Some other cool shrimp products that aren’t benibachi


i came out of the shop screaming out why!!!!????!!!! why can't i buy these shrimp?!?!?!?!?!? LMAO honestly thought it was absolutely rocking and i can't wait to buy more of that benibachi soil. hope you guys enjoyed it :)

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I think its a bit odd the no imports....I understand the disease side of things...but thailand can import from japan and we can import from thailand ????????? ....I hear "middle man"....get a good connection in Thailand and you might be able to get anything you want...that is legal here of course....beautiful little shrimps...Im not really a shrimp man(yet!) but I reckon an army of crystal blacks and an army of crystal reds...colour gangs :) the blues selling crack behind the driftwood...cool little world :)

reckon that arowana could do with a few more feeds ;)

awesome stuff gyung...love it :)

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